• Dates

    to be confirmed

  • Destination

    Maldivas – hotel

  • Total seats


  • Price


What will we do?

  • Accomodaton in Surfcamp

  • surfing 3 times per day in Dhoni

  • All inclusive

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks, etc


10 days technifying in Maldives with the best coaches, who will take your surf to another level. The wave of Maldives by its characteristics makes it the perfect terrain to improve your maneuvers. We will surf world class spots such as SULTANS, JAILBREACK, CHIKENS, HONKY y NINJAS.


To rest from surf we can snorkel, the marine biodiversity and the ocean floor in the Maldives are a unique treasure of our planet. Delve into this underwater world with your fins, goggles and tube and take a special memory for your whole life.

Good times

You will live unique experiences with Maldivian natives, special people who know how to take advantage of their time in a unique environment. Barbecues, parties with drums and many other things await you in the Maldives.

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